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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans of various descriptions of old range stock.

Available for immediate pick up but no later than 22/11/2018. This stock must be removed from site no later than this date.

This site operates a vehicle movement policy, therefore a wait may be required as our own delivery vehicles must take priority. Anyone collecting from our store MUST wear a hi-vis vest to enter the warehouse yard. The use of our forklift truck is not permitted at any time and any items taken must be manually handled onto the collecting vehicle either using a manual pallet truck or by hand.
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans Ceiling Fans Ceiling Fans
Quantity 2 pallets
Serial numbers5110230 x 23
5306626 x 18
5110254 x 15
5052931327393 x 8
5306619 x 11
5306633 x 11
5306640 x 11
5306602 x 7
5110247 x 1
Reason for listingAudit
INSTRUCTIONS FOR COLLECTING Terms to sign and bring with you upon collecting. No items will be donated without this. Disclaimer
Item Location
Item location Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire
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