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How it Works


Register as either the company, charity, organisation or individual you are wanting to upload or take items as. Registering is free

Easy listings

Choose the categories for your products to list and search. Intelligent software helps you search and suggest local items in your area or nationally.


Members request the items, the member offering chooses who to give items to.


Members requesting items arrange their own collections. The member offering specifies availability and updates their inbox requests with a collection date and then when collected to generate their impact reports.

Impact data & Reports

Members collecting are asked to fill in feedback every 3rd collection to provide social, environmental and economic impact data for both parties. Reports are generated showcasing this.


Members taking items can take as many items as they want for free.

To list and upload items, members pay a listing fee which can either be a Pay as you go fee of £10 exc VAT an upload or if members feel they do listings frequently or it is for a bespoke one off project, they can be set up as an annual member and have unlimited use of the platform.

Once you have uploaded the item, you will be directed to a payment page.

For more info on pricing and benefits click here

Email alerts requests

Members can request alerts for specific items they are interested in by clicking on the category listings and ticking the request alert box.

When an item is uploaded and matches the request, members will get an email alert to notify them

You can cancel or change alerts anytime you want

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