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About Globechain

Globechain helps businesses reduce waste by providing a marketplace for listing unneeded items. All items are free for collection by charities, SMEs and individuals.

It’s our way of doing Commercial with a Conscience ®

We focus within in retail (fixtures and fittings, obsolete stock), commercial (office and IT), hospitality (hotels and restaurants), medical (hospital fixtures and equipment) and construction (materials, refurbishments, demolition).

With over 10,000 members, we work with some of the largest companies in retail, medical and construction.

5.1 million kilos have already been diverted from landfill, while also creating savings of £2 million for charities. The Globechain marketplace is proud to have helped 14,000 communities (and counting) within the UK, Africa, Ukraine and Libya. Our largest listing was 13,000 pallets of kitchen materials - reserved for collection in 48 hours.

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About the Founder

May Al-Karooni is the founder of Globechain, a reuse marketplace that connects corporates to charities and smes within a supply chain network providing a waste and social impact data to its members.

May previously worked within the investment banking and asset management industry, fundraising monies for venture capital, property and hedge funds for the last 10 years totalling over £120 million in funds raised. In 2013 May set up Globechain after seeing a demand for a new online circular economy within the waste management industry after her own employer expressed a need to reuse items in a more collaborative way.

Globechain has gained huge momentum growing to 10,000 members and securing contracts with some of the world’s largest brands as well as growing a large network of charities nationally and internationally. Globechain works within the retail, commercial and construction industry and last year diverted 5,100,000 kilos from landfill with items being re distributed within the UK as well as abroad as far as Sierra Leone, Guinea, Libya and the Ukraine providing savings of over £2,000,000 to charitable causes.

The company this year has just launched in Spain, Germany and US.

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Open Platforms Are Major Enablers of a Circular Economy - Globechain from LAUNCH Circular on Vimeo.

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