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Member Guidelines

Member receiving goods, please respect the member offering the items by not cross selling services, monetary requests for charity donations or goods not offered via the platform. Globechain works hard to gain trust and commitment of these members to provide a platform for reuse and recycling only to its members. Please see T&Cs for further details.

  • Please ensure when picking up items, you consider your safety first.
  • Items such as electrical and certain materials require broker licenses and insurances in place so only request and pick these up if you have these.
  • Don’t be greedy! – Please be considerate to other members requesting the same items – if you do not require them all, just request what you need. Spread the wealth!
  • Items are offered at the offering member’s discretion
  • Members offering items, in order to make the most of Globechain's social impact reports, please ensure you update your collection status within your inbox conversations to help generate reports.
  • Please take time to fill in the feedback forms – these help the receiving party increase their credentials as reliable collectors but also the data you input helps you tell your story to the offering member and create a large impact by raising your profile and awareness to others.
  • When uploading items, please try and include as much detail as possible to help members. Items are requested quicker when they have a photo and detailed description.
  • Make sure you set up your alerts to ensure you don’t miss out on items
  • When uploading upholstered items, please state whether there are fire labels attached. Some charities that resell items can only take upholstered furniture that still have the fire labels attached (sometimes a sticker on the bottom on the chairs).
  • Its first come first served so be quick!