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Account Management

Who do I register as if I work for a business and want to use it personally myself?
As a company or organisation using the site for offering items, you must register under the company details and email. Individuals giving away domestic (home) items can do this under individual / personal details. Organisations registered as an entity have the added benefit of reporting the social, economic and environmental impacts for their sustainability and CSR reports.

I cannot access my account
If you are unable to access your account, it may be due to one of the following;

  • Wrong password being entered
  • Wrong username being entered
  • Caps lock on

If you have tried everything and still unable to access your account, please contact the team to help.

I have forgotten my password
Please click the forgotten password link under the log in section and follow the instructions. Instructions will be sent to your personal email to reset your password.

How do I change my password / email address?
Log in and go to your account link on your profile page. There, you will have a privacy option where you can change your details.

How do I update my profile?
Please log into your profile page to edit your photo / details and go to the Account section where you can change your privacy options.

How do I use my Account?
Your account is your audit trail / history of all previously given, searched and taken items from the site. You can also watch items and print reports on the social, environmental and economic impacts you have created (not for individual domestic giveaways).

Search and Offer Items

How do I search for an item?
Type in your criteria under the search boxes on the homepage or under your profile page and search under a specific item name, category, postcode or location.

How do I obtain an item?
You will need to be logged in to request an item. Once logged in, select the item you want and click the request button. An email will be sent to the member whereby they will email you back. You can then liaise with each other to agree pick up or postage. Please ensure you take precautionary measures to ensure your safety when collecting items on your own.

How do give an item way?
Once logged in, click the list items button on your profile page and follow the simple instructions to upload your items details and image (if any). You can see your item history on your profile page where you can also delete / edit your item.

Items will automatically drop off after feedback is filled in or 30 days.

Does Globechain store the items?
No. Items are kept at the offering member’s location.

The offering member can list the items virtually, weeks before the actual items need to be available to eliminate unnecessary storage if required.

How do collections work?
The receiving member of the goods is the member that arranges collection of the items

What happens if there is a no show on collection?
Each member will have the contact details prior to the collection.

On the rare occasion this may happen, you can reinstate the item for other members who have requested this free of charge.

Data Reporting

Feedback and Reporting
To ensure transparency, accurate case studies and reporting for both members, it is COMPULSORY for each member receiving items to fill out a feedback on their FIRST and every THIRD request. (Other feedback requests can also be filled in voluntarily). Should a member fail to do this, they will be blocked from requesting further items until this has been done.

Data reporting can be valuable for both business and charity for policy and social impact reporting. Globechain encourages this audit to help members tell their own story telling by raising awareness of their causes.

What does Globechain not allow to be offered?

We do not allow;

  • Live animals / stock
  • Hazardous chemicals or materials

Do I need any licenses or insurances to take certain goods?

You will need sufficient liability insurance to ensure you are protected on other corporate member's premises if you are an organisation / charity and if you are recycling goods, you will require a waste license note. Members are responsible for their own safety on third party premises and when taking items. Please also see T&Cs.

What is a waste transfer note (WTN)?

On some items such as electricals being recycled, a member may request a waste licence note from the receiving member.

A WTN is a document that must be completed and signed by both the person handing over the waste and the person receiving it. It must contain enough information about the waste for it to be handled safely and either recovered or disposed of legally.

How do I get alerts?

Members can request alerts for specific items they are interested in by clicking on the category listings and ticking the request alert box.

When an item is uploaded and matches the request, members will get an email alert to notify them

You can swap and change alerts anytime you want

Is there a fee to use Globechain?

Members taking items can take as many items they want for free.

To list and upload items, members pay a listing fee which can either be a Pay as you go fee of £10 exc VAT an upload or if members feel they do listings frequently or it is for a bespoke one off project, they can be set up as an annual member and have unlimited use of the platform.

Once you have uploaded the item, you will be directed to a payment page.

For more info on pricing and benefits click here