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Sectors we work with

We work with companies from a variety of sectors to encourage reuse and reduce waste. Below you will find some of our main sectors and the unique ways in which we help them.


We help restaurants reduce waste and make a social impact by providing a marketplace for unneeded items. From dining furniture to appliances, decor to office fixtures, you can list it on Globechain.

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The construction sector is known for being high-waste, but it doesn't have to be this way. Much of what is disposed of or recycled could be reused in some way. Construction companies and contractors use Globechain to list surplus materials or unneeded items from refurbishments.

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Hotel guests have high standards, and that means regular refurbishments and replacement of furniture and decor items. The items being replaced are rarely at the end of their usable life cycle, but often end up as waste anyway.

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The retail sector manages large amounts of property and those properties often need to be refurbished and refitted. The fittings and fixtures that come out of these refurbishments often become surplus items with no place to go.

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